If you’re an entrepreneur, you know that a good website instantly boosts your credibility as a legitimate business and that first impressions count. For most of your potential customers, your website is their first introduction to your business, and first impressions count!

But for many entrepreneurs starting their businesses online, they have no idea how to build a business website that draws in visitors and converts them into customers. Luckily, if you follow our tips, you’ll be well on your way to building a successful website for your business that will showcase your expertise, help you stand out from the crowd, and get you leads and sales.

Our Tips To Build a Business Website

1) Make your website easy to navigate.

Creating a website that people want to visit is vital for your success. If people don’t find what they’re looking for on your site, then you’re leaving money on the table.

Don’t compromise a good customer experience for the sake of “wowing” your website visitors with unique navigation. If users expect to see a navigation bar at the top of the page or if they expect a navigation menu in the top right corner, give them that.

Make it obvious to your website visitors how your navigation works because simple, straightforward navigation is what they expect to find.

That is exactly what we did when we built the website for Aura Painting.


2) Make your social media links easy to find

Creating your website with the potential for social media links is important to be able to send visitor traffic back and forth.

Social media links should be easy to find on your site, ideally on your homepage. Links to social media sites need to be as big as possible and also in a color that stands out from the rest of the page.

This allows people to find more information about you and your products, plus it allows them to let others know all about you. Posting their experiences with you on social media.

3) Have an opt-in offer

When you offer something valuable and free in exchange for an email address, you’re setting up a connection with your potential customers.  This means they will be more inclined to purchase your goods or service in the future.

An opt-in offer allows you to connect with customers so you can let them know what’s new, or follow up on customers who left items in their shopping cart. What’s more, it allows you to send “personal emails” like welcome and thank you messages making people feel more connected to you and your business. Having an engaged email list of customers who want to hear from you is a valuable asset for your business.

4) Make sure all of your copy is clear and easy to understand

No matter how skilled you are, sometimes it can be hard to describe exactly what your business does in a way that isn’t too complicated.

One easy and proven way is to add images of your products or service. People use images on websites to instantly get an idea of what your company is all about without having to read paragraph after paragraph.

Another tip is to make sure your website content is easy and simple to read. This could include adding easy-to-spot sections that contain specific information and ensuring your website content is relevant and describes the benefits of what you have to offer rather than focusing on the features. Check out one of our website designs for Copy Works below.clear website copySo make sure your website copy is clear and concise, includes lots of images, and includes clear and concise wording about your services or products so visitors can easily find what they’re looking for.

5) Write for your audience

Know your audience before you start writing content for your website.

Does your target audience prefer short paragraphs of text instead of long pieces? Do they have a certain age group? What does your target audience like to read about? Keep these things in mind when you’re writing content, and you’ll be able to attract more visitors to your website.

To be effective, your content has to earn the visitor’s attention. This means your website content should be easily digestible and purpose-driven.  For your website’s efforts to be “successful”, you need to have your visitors become engaged in your content so they purchase what you are selling.

6)  Include lots of photos on your website

One of the best ways to make sure your website succeeds is to use lots of photos. Pictures should be near the top of every page, so make sure to keep your site easy to navigate and eye-catching with good images.

Take for example the website we designed for our client Care Cabs Ltd. and the beautiful image we used for the above-the-fold content.

You can also get creative with your photography or use stock photos. You don’t have to go out and shoot new pictures for your business website, but it’s important that you take some time thinking about the audience you want for your content and what kind of pictures might appeal to them.

It could be tempting to spend a lot of time getting all fancy with Photoshop, but just remember that on mobile devices people prefer clean images with an obvious call-to-action. If it’s hard for readers on their phones to find what they need quickly then you’ve lost their attention.

7) Use videos on your homepage

Videos can be one of the most powerful content types on your website, especially if you create how-to videos that solve a specific problem your website visitors may have. Try using video to help give people step-by-step instructions or show off your products in action. And don’t forget to post them on your homepage!

Use videos on your homepage to explain what your company does in just a few minutes. This will make it easier for people who are visiting your site for the first time to understand what you do, how you do it, and why they should care.

8) Don’t be afraid to get personal

Knowing how to create a successful website is important, but being too afraid to get personal with your website is holding you back. The most important step in creating a successful business website is letting people know you are here.

Make sure to include your interests, past experience, and personal story on your website. Let people know who’s behind the business—what their names are, where they’re from, what their hobbies are etc.

Getting personal can make your website visitors feel like they know you better which makes them more likely to trust you with their information when they reach out via email or contact form on your website.

A good example of this is on the About Us website page for our client Bruce’s Sewer Service.

9) Track Your Visitors to analyze how they use the site

Analyzing how your visitors use your website helps you to figure out what they like and don’t like, what the best pages are, and how they go about finding the information they need.

To do this, you’ll want to have Google Analytics on your website. Once installed on your site, Google Analytics automatically starts tracking visitors to your site. This information is crucial in determining which elements of your website are working well or need tweaking. Letting you optimize your website so people stick around and make a purchase.

10) Hire A Professional Website Designer

If you’re a business that needs to stay competitive you need a professional website. The Internet has become the leading resource for people to find products and services.

Businesses that do not have a professionally created website risk losing potential customers to their competitors. This is because consumers are evaluating products and services long before they decide to make a purchase, and if your website does not seem professional, they will simply move on to your competitor.

Creating a professional website for your business isn’t easy. That’s why you should hire a professional website designer, one who can help you showcase your expertise and better position your business.

We offer affordable website design packages that are designed to meet all your business needs. If you’re a small business owner in search of a professional website to showcase your business online,  we’re here to help! Give us a shout and we’ll build you a professional business website that gets you the traffic you need to increase your leads and sales.